ERP implementation is a long-term process and try from not only process of investors but also a commitment from a solution provider.

With ERP solutions for wood industry and practical experience for more than 7 years of developing and deploying the overall management solution for wood manufacturing industry in Vietnam and the Netherlands, handling difficult problems of Wood businesses, we understand the challenges and difficulties in managing business. Au Viet Soft always accompanies businesses and brings the most practical values for them.

For wood industry enterprises, after deployment, it will solve these problems:

  • Managing product information, model, collection and sample process, etc.
  • Evaluating resources for production
  • Planning and tracking delivering to customers
  • Planning production by day, week, month, etc. and tracking progress
  • Proposing to increase / decrease the sources to meet the needs of customers
  • Controlling, manage subcontractors / outsourcers
  • Managing inventory control, inventory optimization, etc.
  • Cost of product details
  • Managing and controlling financial situation, debt situation, payment for customers / suppliers.
  • Material requirements planning (MRP), Supply / Purchase management for production.
  • Managing delivery and receipt situation such as booking schedule, packing list, loading plan, etc.

After successfully deploying ERP projects and solutions for the wood industry, the enterprise will:

  • Manage throughout product information: create, update, inherit and develop product information from sample process, create model and production processes.
  • Control production quality: the entire production process is checked and updated into the system with detailed technical standards / images to compare with product characteristics.
  • Control implementation progress: production progress is updated in detail at each production stage of each work order.
  • Plan to purchase raw materials: automatically calculate and propose based on BOM, plan for production and actual inventory of materials.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction: proactively getting information and recording customer feedback on any changes or incidents quickly.
  • Manage cost and expenses: Upon receiving the requests from customers, the enterprise will immediately estimate the cost and production expenses for the product. Control cost incurring in actual production and compare to plans.
  • Optimize and control inventory effectively thanks to the optimal solution of cutting wood and matching wood in accordance with production needs.
  • Administrators are assured of a constantly updated data system

With Tilsoft ERP solution of Au Viet Soft, the entire production and business process of the enterprise will be standardized and managed on the system throughout and calculating and monitoring the material plan in a timely and optimal manner with production plan. Tilsoft solution is built by 3 main features: